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This just in: Astringe confirmed to not have died during Tirek's attack of Ponyville. Details at 11...
How I do them step by step by Astringe
How I do them step by step
So, contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead; I've just been taking a little break from ponies to do other things and haven't had any time for drawing. Someone asked how I make these resemble screenshots from the show, well, I quite literally draw them piece by piece with the vector tool. This isn't really a tutorial because this definitely isn't the best way to do it (it's just always worked for me) and there's no real instructions involved.

I sketch it by hand first (which, unfortunately I didn't save the sketched version of this) and trace over it with the vector tool. I actually draw the lines manually (if you zoom in, every one is an enclosed shape rather than just a line) so I can control the thickness of every one by hand.

Next I draw shapes and set them on a lower layer to serve as the coloring.

Then I use a couple of screencaptures for reference and draw a background that resembles the architecture. I also borrow the same color palette from the shots to make it look as close as possible.

Then comes little things like cropping, fine tuning, resizing etc. Mimicking angles the show would use and cropping to a tv aspect ratio definitely helps to make them more resemblle the show. Usually I work at about 4X this size, but I shrank it down so you could really see the lines more clearly. I don't remember how long this picture took, but I'm guessing about 3 hours total time.
I'm such a dork. I actually took a day's leave to watch the season 4 premiere. I've yet to see an episode live for the first time, and damned if anything short of the apocalypse is going to stop me this time.

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